Joey’s Very Dead Bird

Joey’s Very Dead Bird

One of my all time favorite kid’s drawings was created long ago during one of my FWMN sessions with a 4th grade class in Cambridge, MA. I showed it to my assistant, Maggie Wilde, a while ago, and we noticed that he’d put his name and phone number on the picture. Maggie, “Let’s call that number and see if he still lives there.” She is a dynamo. She was talking with his mom a few minutes later.

So Joey called me. I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years. I just remembered him as the shy boy who really “got” the concept of pollution, and I suspected he would have a brilliant future. Now we were talking, and sure enough he told me he had graduated from and is a research analyst for a global management consultancy .

I’m still deeply moved by this powerful, wordless message.

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