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Barbara’s Art


You can download the FWMN images for free. Here is a 9MB .zip file containing all of them (Click the Folder)

You can also purchase a beautiful 8.5″ x 8.5” copy of Barbara’s book here.

Discuss the artwork below with your students or family members using these 8 questions as a guide.


In addition to the questions above, each painting has two more unique questions you will see when you click on an image


Environmental Science

        • How is the artist showing us our relationship with the environment?
        • Why should we be concerned about human impact on the environment?
        • How can each of us improve the environment?
        • Why use humor to discuss an environmental challenge?


        • Where on the page is the central object?
        • Where is the horizon line?
        • Which images make the best use of complementary colors?
        • How does backlighting affect the composition?